Our Facilities

Film Extursion

Our extrusion facilities includes 3-layer and 5-layer co-extrusion machines, casting machines, injection molding machines and etc. which are suitable for producing all kinds of daily packaging with gas-barrier, anticorrosive, preservation and contraction requirement. There are almost hundred sets of production equipment and independent production rooms with temperature control system which can satisfy customer’s various needs
Printing Workshop

We believe packaging is the best media to deliver customer’s brand value. Therefore, we always focus on upgrading our printing technology. We provide professional, personalized, all-round service to our customers from R&D, artwork design to finish products. At presents, we has more than 30 units of gravure and flexo and printing machines. The maximum printing width can be up to 1.8 meters and the maximum printing circumference can be up to 1.5 meters.

Bag Making & Assembling Workshop

Our bag making workshop has more than 100 units of bottom sealing and side sealing machines. These machines are capable of manufacturing various styles of bag. Our Assembling workshop has more than 300 professional workers. We have the latest barcode/ sequential numbering RFID technology ideas for a how to speech