About Us

Tampervoid – Your global tamper evident security bag cheap-cialisonline.com partner.

Located in GongMing Town, GuangMing District, ShenZhen, Tampervoid has an area of 60,000 m2 and has advanced machineries of inflation, printing, easy 5 minute demonstration speech ideas barcoding and converting.

Our cutting edge technology combined with the sourcing of world class raw materials, has enabled us to supply some of the world’s most secure tamper evident security bags. Our Tampervoid security tape is sourced from North America and Europe for our Platinum level security bags and all products have been manufactured under stringent ISO 9001:2008 certification. This has allowed us to become the Number One exporter of the highest quality security bags in China and we now compete directly with large western manufacturers while maintaining the same or higher quality.

Tampervoid has formed partnerships with some of the world’s leading security bag manufacturers as we have the ability to manufacture all types of films and develop new types of film based on our customer’s requirements.

Our bags have passed Federal Government tests in many countries to become (through our distributors) approved as “safe carriage for valuables and products of a sensitive nature.” Test out our quality for yourselves and request a sample pack be sent out. We guarantee that our bags will pass any tamper evident testing you choose to use. In fact our bags can not even be opened by hand as the glues system is so technologically advanced. Be welcome to visit our factory any time to see first hand the high quality of all our products.

Our quality control and testing is first class. With the machines available to us for testing, every batch of bags that leaves our factory has been tested in our special laboratory. We also use our laboratory to test and develop new materials for our clients.